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Expanding Our Vision: The Geek Embassy

Hello Everyone!

This week we launched our new website, The Geek Embassy. Game on Girl was my first passion project and, like a lot of passion projects, it was a lot about me as an individual. I identified with the site, with our mascot, GiGi, and with the mission to identify and create a community for women gamers. As the site and the podcast grew, so did my vision and my idea about what kind of a community I wanted to grow and how I could better serve those with similar interests to mine.

In thinking about all the joy geek culture has brought to my life over the past few years, I started to conceptualize a place where I could share that love with people who might be leery of calling themselves a geek. I have always loved inspiring new thinking and exposing people to new experiences; that is the driving force for me as a teacher. The Geek Embassy will allow me to use that passion to help those less familiar with geek culture to learn about these wonderful passions we have. It will allow me as a writer, content creator, and teacher to move beyond my singular interests and focus on those of the broader geek community.

For the last few weeks, the staff of Game on Girl has been tirelessly working to make this project come to life. Rhonda, Isabela, Mark, Ryan, and myself have spent hours putting this site together and planning new content to unveil over the next few weeks. Below you will find descriptions and the flags for the five consulates we have within the embassy: Lifestyle, Pop Culture, Story, Play, and Tech, along with our Mission Statement. We hope your passions are well reflected here and you consider sharing this site with those in your life you always wished were a little geekier.

Until next time, get your geek on!

Mission Statement

geek embassy

The Geek Embassy is a dynamic learning community focused on discussions about geek culture. Our ambassadors are individuals with established geeky passions and a willingness to discuss and share their knowledge with aspiring geeks. The Geek Embassy values open dialogue and encourages everyone to embrace their inner geek.



The Geek Embassy Consulates


From apps to Agile, geeks improve our daily lives and seek solutions for the future. As parents, mentors, teachers, students, advocates, thinkers, movers, and shakers, the creative expression of geeks enhances the life of the community.

Pop CulturePop Culture

Geek culture has become popular culture and the Pop Culture Consulate covers it all. From current events to social media, television to web-series, CDs to digital-downloads, opening night to streaming, geeks are the cool kids now.


Story is the richest and oldest form of community. From novels, fan fiction, and song, to cosplay and comic books, this consulate supports those who appreciate a good, bad, or guilty pleasure tale.


Games unite and teach. Geeks have always known how beneficial and natural playing is in a rich life. The Play Consulate spans the oldest and the newest, digital and analog from the simplest to the most complicated games and the complexities of game culture.


Technology is part of our everyday lives—smart phones, chip cards, midi, micro, blogs, and vlogs. The Tech Consulate focuses on the gadgets that support and drive our geeky passions as well as discussions about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.)


Episode 154 - Game on Girl LIVE February Hangout

Greetings Geeks!

Here is our latest hangout as a podcast episode. We had a great time hanging out and talking about recent movies, and TV shows, and our favorite geek couples. There are some pretty great offerings throughout the show. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Keep an eye on this space. I can't give too much away right now but a lot of changes will be happening here at Game on Girl. That's why you haven't heard much from us recently... there is lots and lots of activity happening behind the scenes. I'll just say these are some BIG changes and ones we are all VERY excited about. 

If you want to hear us talk a little bit more about what's happening, check out the latest episode of Studio FUBAR where Rhonda and I chat with Frank, Matt, and Pete about our plans and a bunch of other geeky stuff. 

Until soon, geeks. 

Regina & Rhonda & Mark & Isabela & Ryan

Episode 154


February LIVE Hangout

Greetings Geeks!

It's our favorite geeky time of the month again. Time for the staff of Game on Girl to get together and hangout. We are live on Sunday, February 21st at 2pm PST . We will be discussing our favorite geeky love stories amongst other topics. Have something you'd like to hear us discuss? Let us know in the comments!

Until next time, get your geek on!


Five Instagram Accounts That Inspire Me

I do a lot of socializing on social media - it became pretty important to me once I started working mostly from home. But I've had a hard time with many of my usual platforms because of different trends I'm seeing, not the least of which is too much re-sharing of posts. Sometimes I feel like everything is on repeat on social media.

That's usually when I boot up Instagram.

I've worked hard at limiting the accounts I follow on Instagram. For me, it's a smaller network and one I've designed to help me feel inspired. So, I thought I would share five accounts that I really enjoy following because they often get me in the mood to write or be creative and artistically express myself.

Emily O - thestylishgeek

Emily is a cosplayer and a major geek. She shares some great posts about her cosplay adventures and working geeky style into her everyday outfits.

I covet most of what she shares and her fun fashion sense, but I also find her inspiring because she has shared much about her recent and ongoing battle with cancer. I take the time to go to her site at least once a week to get an update on how she is doing and am amazed at her grace and positive outlook.

Christina - cirkeline 

Christina's account is pure gold in terms of photographic inspirations. She's got a clean, direct, and engaging style.

Her posts make me pause and reflect on the beauty in the ordinary - she's got a great eye and stunning compositions. Christina makes me want to try my hand at more black and white pictures.

Flying Yogini - therealflyingyogini

I have a guilty pleasure on Instagram (I know for most people that is looking at pictures of food).

For me, it's looking at yoga teacher feeds. I love seeing the poses and the studios. Why I picked therealflyingyogini for this post is that her yoga pictures are truly inspiring. She does this light trick that I think is just so cool. It often reminds me that there is a spark within myself that I just need to take the time to find and express. 


Ayesha & Shanda - thegirlfriendmanifesto 


This is a recent find for me (and not completely safe for work viewing). Although I am usually not a fan of inspirational quotes on a picture background, the wisdom coming from this particular account hits me right in the feels time after time.

Ayesha and Shanda help remind me why women are awesome on a regular basis. 


Face The Foliage - facethefoliage

This account is pure love for me. I love the concept and the execution. The basic idea is portraits that are created with only leaves and flowers. One of the best things is that these are made not by a single artist but the account is open to anyone that takes the time to put a portrait together.

This is a daily dose of whimsy and helps me look at the leaves in my garden in a whole new way. I am looking forward to trying my hand at a portrait in the near future. 


Bonus - thebabyanimalpics

The handle here says it all. This is my go to account for those moments of true stress, when nothing can soothe my soul like a baby hedgehog or llama, puppy, or kitty.

Just plain internet cute going on here. 


What are your favorites?

I'm always looking for more inspiring Instagram accounts. What are some of your favorites?

Do you use different social media platforms for different purposes? 


Geek Pop Culture - January

It was a so-so month for geek pop culture. Here are thumbnail reviews of some of the main events (skip to the end for my Pick of the Month).

  TV: The X-Files, Fox, Season 10, Episodes 1 & 2

The one-word description I have for Episode 1 of season 10 is “Mess.” The episode is edited to death resulting in a choppy, disjointed story, if you can call it that. About a third of the way through Episode 2, the Mulder/Scully investigation team finds its groove but it is inexplicable to me how they got there. Duchovny seems like he’s always ready for a nap and Anderson is playing a character who hasn’t evolved as much as she has.

TV: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, CW, Pilot

The pilot episode of DC’s Legend of Tomorrow was best described by husband, “This has every cliché in the book.” It almost seems as if DC is completely out of ideas. The show isn't "lazy" - Legends obviously has a tremendous amount of work behind it. The cast is stellar and they are playing it all-in. It just seems like it was created by committee instead of a talented team of writers.

TV: The Magicians, SyFy, Pilot

The Magicians is playing pretty closely to the novel by Lev Grossman. The art, set, and costume design is rich and creative without being fantastical. The entire cast is too old to be playing grad students. This is a bad representation to young adults in their early 20s to be more mature than they are.

The closing scene of the pilot was really well done. Creepy, scary, and raised the bar for the rest of the series.

TV: You, Me, and the Apocalypse, NBC, Pilot

This new dramedy about the 34 days until the end of the world has great potential. Like the success of The Walking Dead and Firefly, it's taken on a huge cast which means it should be a character-driven/story-driven show.

Finally, instead of just repackaging Karen Walker from Will and Grace, Megan Mullally is being used as a true character actress. More! More!

And haven't we all been waiting to see Jenna Fischer again?

COMIC: The Legend of Wonder Woman, DC Comics

This Wonder Woman story is a nine part series telling the origin of Paradise Island, Hippolyta, and what Diana’s childhood was like. The artwork by Renae De Liz is modern and strong. The coloring and lettering by Ray Dillon is bold and has a young adult vibe. But the entirety of De Liz’s story is ruined by one word: “the.”

Once given eternal life by Zeus, Hippolyta “felt a new sorrow” because this would mean she would be “denied the greatest of joys.” She can’t have children.

Saying “the greatest of joys means, for men and women alike, above anything else, having a baby is the ultimate achievement.

Hippolyta has built a kingdom free of greed and hatred, trained powerful warriors, and established a reputation of great honor. But the implied epitath is, "alas, she didn't have a baby."

Instead of the tired stereotype that giving birth is a woman's greatest achievement, the entire thing could have been made personal for Hippolyta by changing “the” to “her” and all would have been well.

COMIC: Faith, Valiant

Although beautifully drawn and colored, Faith suffers from the "One-to-One" treatment.

Some think creating a “strong female character” means just changing the male protagonist into a female. With Faith, you have a plus-sized, confident female swapped into the most vanilla, generic superhero story ever. Modernizing the details (blogger instead of journalist) isn’t creativity. You can’t just say, “Now we have a non-stereotypical female character,” when she doesn’t have her own agency.  

Maybe the whole first issue simply suffered from a poor choice of direction. The entire series is only four issues and the first issue is almost entirely "the story thus far."

COMIC: Slash & Burn, Vertigo

The art by Andre Parks, Max Dunbar, and Tula Lotay (one of my favorites) is beautiful but the story needs more mortar. Where Faith suffers from tedious detail, Slash & Burn could use a little more to tighten the story.

Rosheen, the female protagonist, is a fire fighter... and an arsonist. The criminal-hero, along the lines of Dexter, hasn't worn out its welcome yet. I love how she discusses the chemistry of fire. More science!

Pick of the Month

COMIC: Captain Marvel, Marvel

Cover art is intended to sell an issue. That’s the reason I so desperately wanted to buy She-Hulk even though I didn’t like what was inside — the cover art is amazing (by Kevin P. Wada).

The same apprehension came over me when I picked up the new Captain Marvel. The cover art by Kris Anka is absolutely stunning. Anka, please make these into posters immediately! And the interior did meet the big sell of the cover.

Captain Marvel, written by Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters, is beautiful, witty, and personable. Carol Danvers feels like a real person, having real conversations, and she’s so darn cool she makes me smile. You want her for your best friend. Kudos Fazekas and Butters.